Rough Cut (The Death Chair) hits the ground running after rebranding.

“New name, new art work, and a new title sequence, but still the same good film.”  That is what Jim Hill from the Metal and Madness radio show said recently about the decision to rebrand The Death Chair.  The decision came after months of deliberation and talks of giving the film a DVD release.  Originally only meant to stream online, the deal with Sag Aftra only allowed us to showcase the film on streaming sites like youtube.  We got permission to put the film on our own streaming services and to upload it to Amazon Prime Video as long as we didn’t move to physical DVD sales.

Recently we moved the Sag contract we worked under to produce the film from New Media to a traditional Short Film agreement, and payed the actors their increase due them by the new contract, we were finally free to start the process of releasing the DVD.  With the new start, and since the original name was only supposed to be a working title that just happened to stick around, we chose a new name.  Well here we are.

With the new DVD, there has been a renewed interest in the film even though it is now over three years old.  Copies are moving, and if you would want one for yourself head over to the Order Here tab and grab yourself one… or more.  We won’t be mad.

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