Adventures in Self Distribution

With the release of our newest film “The Tube“, we wanted to kind of surprise people who were not paying attention. So we quietly left for Florida, shot stuff, came home, shot stuff, edited stuff, and got all the pieces together for our release.

DVD’s were ordered. We scheduled our first screening at a convention and arranged for some of the actors to be present. We even started a small marketing campaign. Then the fun arrives.

Because of the deadlines, we missed a small detail in product testing. The DVD’s which arrived 5 days before the convention didn’t work. None of them. At all. Period.

So now, in order to keep us on track, we are ditching the DVD’s that didn’t work (and since we can’t place another order and get them in time) we are fixing the problem ourselves. So have no fear, we will have our DVD’s on the table. We will still be screening the film, and have the actors with us. But, it is a valuable lesson. No matter how many times you do a thing without problem, always do a quality check first.

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