Old Dogs Never Die


Over his 71 years, Harry Dunn has been through a war, married to the woman of his dreams for 50 years, widowed and had a mechanical relationship with his son.

Each year for his birthday, Harry finds something special to do that he’s never done before. His son always greets these adventures with reluctance and merely goes through the motions to keep the peace.

For Harry’s 71st birthday he wants to take on his biggest adventure yet; ride a bicycle across the country. The only problem is, Harry Dunn has never learned how to ride a bike.

Produced By

Written and Directed By

Jim Dougherty
Steven Durgarn
Jim Dougherty


Festival Run

Steven Durgarn
Mark A. Nash
Shani Stiles
Maggie Williams
Indie Film Con 2014 – Bloomington, IN
Louisville International Festival of Film 2014, Louisville, KY
Homegrown Hoosier Film Festival 2014, Anderson, IN
River Bend Film Festival 2015, South Bend, IN
The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival 2015, Evansville, IN
The MayDay Film Festival 2015, Evansville, IN
CayFilm International Film Festival 2015, Cayman
Middle Coast Festival 2015, Bloomington, IN
Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival 2016, Centralia, IL
Ozark Shorts – Monthly Film Screening Series 2016, Ozarks, MO
Inland Empire Biking Alliance Film Festival 2016, Redlands, CA

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